Authentic DUOYI DY517A Digital Refrigeration Pressure Gauge HVAC System Meter

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Product Type:Pressure Gauges Aesthetic
Color:Grey Power & Batteries
Batteries Included:Yes
Battery Form Factor:AA
Required Battery Count:4 Manufacturer
Brand:DUOYI Package
Package Type:Plain
Package Contents:1*Refrigeration Pressure Gauge, 2*Temperature Test Clips, 1*User Manual, 3*Test Pipes (Different Colors) Dimensions us | metric
Depth:50 mm
Height:170 mm
Width:110 mm
Product Weight:950 gFastTech
DATE LISTED:9/2/2018Details:Pressure test unit: Kpa; Mpa; bar; inHg; PSI.
Pressure test range: 0 Kpa – 6000 Kpa
Pressure test resolution: 1 Kpa
Pressure test accuracy: +/- 0.5 % (FS)+ 5dgt
Pressure overload limit: 10000 Kpa (10 Mpa; 100 bar;)
Vacuum test: relative vacuum
Vacuum test unit: Kpa; Mpa; bar; inHg; PSI.
Vacuum test range: -101 Kpa – 0 Kpa
Vacuum test resolution: 1 Kpa
Temperature test unit: ‘C (Celsius), ‘F (Fahrenheit)
Temperature test range: -40'C–150'C (-40'F–302'F)
Temperature test resolution:
0.1'C (-40'C–99.9'C), 1'C (100'C–150'C)
0.1'F (-40'F–99.9'F), 1'F (100'F–302'F)
Temperature test accuracy: +/- 0.5'C + 2dgt +/- 0.9'F + 2dgt
Built-in 89 kinds of refrigerant NIST: According to American NIST standard
Pressure testing ranges from -101Kpa to 6Mpa (-0.1bar to 60bar).
The limit pressure is 10 Mpa (100 bar).
The maximum operating pressure of standard hose is 600 PSI (approximate 4.13 Mpa, 41.3 bar). The limit pressure is 3000 PSI approximate 20.68 Mpa, 206.8 bar).
Please confirm the rated pressure value of the tested equipment before testing. Do not use it if it exceeds the range of the instrument.
Do not use and store the instrument in high temperature, high humidity, flammable, explosive and strong electromagnetic fields.
Please do not change the instrument internal circuit, to avoid any damage of the instrument or danger occurring.
Please wear qualified protective equipment to protect user during testing.
Please use the instrument in a well-ventilated environment to prevent inhalation of toxic gases.

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