Brake Fluid Tester Car Vehicle Testing Tool

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Product Type:Brake Fluid Testers Aesthetic
Secondary Material:Metal Power & Batteries
Batteries Included:Yes
Battery Form Factor:AAA
Required Battery Count:1 Package
Package Type:Plain
Package Contents:1*Brake Fluid Tester Dimensions us | metric
Depth:20 mm
Height:200 mm
Width:20 mm
Product Weight:50 gFastTech
DATE LISTED:8/27/2017Details:The brake fluid tester is suitable for determining brake fluid quality.
According to the variation of electrical conductivity to determine the moisture content of the brake fluid change.
It through the light-emitting diodes clearly shows the degree of moisture. High content moisture will reducing the boiling point, and then affect the braking performance.
Red indicates brake fluid need to be replaced immediately, green indicates brake fluid in good condition, yellow indicates brake fluid stays good, but is going to change.
Designed without cable connector, fast and convenient.
5 LEDs indicating the water % in the brake fluid :
0% LED : Battery is OK,and there is on water content in brake fluid
1% LED : Water Content, H2O≤1%, brake fluid is above standard
2% LED : Water Content, H2O≤2%, still can use it
3% LED : Water Content Water Content, H2O≤3%, brake fluid should be changed
4% LED : Water Content Water Content, H2O≥4%, brake fluid must be changed

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