Solar Auto Rotation Magnetic Levitation Aircraft Model Car Decor

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Product Type:Car Ornaments Aesthetic
Material:Metal Package
Package Type:Plain
Package Contents:1*Car Ornament Dimensions us | metric
Depth:80 mm
Height:100 mm
Width:100 mm
Product Weight:100 gFastTech
DATE LISTED:1/11/2019Details:Polysilicon solar energy, Full-body metal, Balanced design.
This product uses solar power to supply current to the coil wound on the shaft to generate a magnetic field, and a strong magnet fixed to the base (housing) to generate a repulsive force to drive the rotation. Due to its unique magnetic suspension structure, it has almost no friction and is characterized by high speed, quietness and durability.
Due to its acrylic structure, the internal structure is completely exposed, which provides convenience and appreciation for teaching demonstrations. Different angles of sunlight can produce magnetic soup in different directions to achieve positive and negative reversal.
Although it is a metal product, please do not force it.
It takes sunshine to turn it up. It can't move on cloudy days.
Don't move any screws on it.
Acrylic is easy to wear out. It is covered by the film before leaving the factory. Please don't pay attention to the details page when you receive it. You can tear the film off and it is the same as the details page.
Acrylic is also called plexiglass. It is a kind of plastic. Please do not put the product in the car or in a high temperature place, it will cause acrylic deformation or product damage. At the same time, please do not hit the acrylic, it will cause the acrylic to crack.

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